We introduce another member of the halogen-free product  group family - the wall channel PK 170X65 D HF. The halogen-free material does not release any toxic smoke when burning and is therefore safe in case of fire, which makes it a suitable channel for use in areas with a higher concentration of people.

PK 170X65 D HF + KP 80 PK HF   PK 170X65 D HF + QP 45X45

The channel is based on PK 110X65 D HF and thus follows its way of clean design that practically blurs the difference between the channel and its cover. The PK 170X65 D HF is produced as a dual chamber with two lids - the larger 80mm wide for installing classic instruments in the KP 80 PK HF connectable instrument boxes, and the smaller 45mm for installing modular instruments without the need for additional accessories. The partition between the chambers gets perforated during the production.

We as well offer upgraded accessories. Adjustable corners ensure precise installation even where the walls are not at exactly right angles. Therefore the trunking is much easier to install. It no longer needs to be joined with precise cuts.

You can buy it as usual.

Dimensions: 170x65 mm
Installation: various types of underlying material with flammability class A1 to F
Material: HF
Packaging: 2 m / 6 m, in carton
Temperature resistance: -5 to + 60 °C
Color: RAL 9003 white

Accessories – covers:

  • end 8231HF
  • connecting 8232HF
  • bending 8233HF
  • branching 8234HF
  • inner corner 8235HF
  • outer corner 8236HF
  • grommet 8237HF