Do you look ahead just to see darkness? It is just new KOPOS trunkings in black color!

LHD 40X20_FD   LHD 40X40_FD

At the request of our customers, we are starting to produce and offer popular dimensions of trunkings in black color, including their accessories. We do not paint the trunking or accessories, but make them from a truly black material, so the products are black even after being divided or damaged.

The entire wiring on surface can be done in black thanks to the newly offered black LK 80X28 T_FB trunking box, which is designed for the installation of ABB Tango series devices. The box can also be covered with VLK 80/T_FA lid and serve only as a junction box.

LK 80X28 T_FB

The black trunkings are primarily intended for the dual use of the surface wiring. The first use is on a dark background, that means with an effort to make the installation insignificant or hidden. This can be, for example, in cinemas or theatres. The second way of use, on the other hand, is as a significant element, highlighting the design of the room and hiding the electrical wiring inside, whether in museums or living and office rooms. However, use and location is of course unlimited.

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LHD 20X10_FD8921_FB8922_FB8923_FB8924_FB8925_FB8926_FB 
LHD 20X20_FD8621_FB8622_FB8623_FB8624_FB8626_FB8626_FB8629_FB
LHD 40X20_FD8631_FB8632_FB8633_FB8634_FB8635_FB8635_FB8639_FB
LHD 40X40_FD8641_FB8642_FB8643_FB8644_FB8645_FB8646_FB 
LH 60X40_FD8651_FB8652_FB8653_FB