The issue of building safety is an often talked about but sometimes underestimated topic. It depends on the details. The new halogen-free hollow wall boxes from KOPOS are suitable for environments with an increased need to protect people and property. High-quality workmanship down to the last detail, membrane inlets suitable for passive buildings, the possibility of installation in soundproof walls with an attenuation of up to 69 dB and, in addition, a material that does not spread fire and does not produce toxic smoke.

These are all features that come together in the new range of wiring boxes - KPL 64-50/LD HF_KAKPRL 64-60/LD HF_KA, KPL 64-50/2LD HF_KA and KPL 64-50/3LD HF_KA. And to make it clear at a glance which boxes they are, they are made in a new colour, namely grey-blue.

Enjoy comfort and safety.

New halogen-free hollow wall boxes KPL and KPRL