KOPOS KOLÍN a.s., as a traditional Czech manufacturer of electrical installation material, offers comprehensive solutions for various construction processes.

It is important to note that a wiring box in cast concrete is a subject to higher demands in terms of rigidity, sealing and temperature as well as chemical resistance.
Among the product range of KOPOS KOLÍN a.s., you can find boxes that are made with progressive double-injection technology with soft membrane inlets. The customer can choose from several types of boxes, differing in depth and lids with different shapes and diameters. All variants provide high quality workmanship, ease of use and interconnectivity.
In addition to the boxes themselves, the new cast-in-concrete box system also offers mounting wings for direct fixing to the metal formwork, or a strong adhesion magnet that finds its application in steel formwork. In addition, supports for opposing installation and a support for ceiling hook that can make each box an option for light fixture.
Of course, there is also a range of wiring pipes suitable for cast concrete.

We make sure that the power is perfectly hidden even in concrete.

New system for concrete