EAN code8595057651814
Customs code39172390
წონა2.57 kg/m
Halogen free materialyes
Temperature resistancepackage: -45 - +75 °C
Temperature during installationmounting: -5 to +75 ° C
Mechanical resistance450 N/20 cm
Length3 m
Outside diameter110 mm
Inner diameter (min.)97 mm
Allowancelength ± 10 mm
Fire reaction classA1
Protection typesIP 30
StandardsČSN EN 61386-24
Package descriptionin distributed position

Cable laying and for a laying-out of the energy and communication lines. Another possible application is a protection of already installed underground cables. The protectors consist of two identical parts. When installing, the cables are put in the bottom part and then the top part is snapped to the bottom one. Connecting of protectors is performed by overlapping joined lower parts with an upper part at length of approximately 30 cm. The divided cable ducts are manufactured and tested in accordance with standard ČSN EN 61386-24.

ამჟამად არ არის პროდუქცია.
ამჟამად არ არის პროდუქცია.