EAN code8595057656390
Customs code39173300
წონა0,36 kg/m
Halogen free materialyes
Temperature resistance-5 - 50 °C
Mechanical resistance750 N/20 cm
Impact resistanceN (normal, according to ČSN EN 61 386-24)
Bending resistanceflexible
Outside diameter32 mm
Inner diameter27 mm
Allowancelength ± 2 mm/m
Minimum bending radius400 mm
Manufactures´s recommendations
The producer recommends the installation of plastic pipes at temperatures above 0 ° C.
Protectors are tested at a pressure of 1.5 MPa for 1 hour
Fire reaction classA1
Package description
Harness. Packaging on wooden drums and pallets for unwinding drums isdeliverd just upon previous order according to the customer specifications.
In stockstandard

Single-coated pipes designed to protect cables with optical fibers under the ground. For larger volumes different color versions (beyond presented versions), labeling, number of differential stripes, denticular inner surface or inner diameter size (material thickness) can be ordered based on customer needs and specifications.

ამჟამად არ არის პროდუქცია.